Best of DTM (1: quick posts)


When I counted last week, I found there were 1.1 million words on DTM.

Infinite Jest is 543,709 words, or half as long. My beloved cycle A Dance to the Music of Time (12 short novels) is “only” a million. (Wikipedia: List of Longest Novels.) I’m going to stop assuming everyone has read all of this darn blog.

Most of the best things are in the table of contents. But here is a selection of stand alone posts that are personal favorites. Many of them were written quickly and deserve better editing.

Institutional Racism Redux (Ginger Baker)

Notes on Albert Murray Memorial

Meet me at 20th and Federal (Tootie Heath and Sam Reed)

Romanticism (Dashiell Hammett’s apartment and favorite crime films)

Choruses/Chori (McCoy Tyner and Thomas Adés)

Crowd Control (modern police armament)

The Name is Bond (note date)

When in Doubt, Read a Book (Herman Hesse, Clifford Jordan, Mark Leibovich)

Official Endorsement (of John Bloomfield and Dorothy Taubman)

David Baker’s Bebop to Bartók

Albert Ayler at 80

Modern Composition (Guillermo Klein, Tim Berne, Marc Ducret, Jason Moran)

Steinway, Sweeney, Paulson, and Trump

The Last Gig (Barry Harris at the Vanguard)

It was the 50s (the black magazine Duke and the Jazz Review)

Pops Slept Here (Louis Armstrong House)

The Story of the Wind (Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou)

Pop Musicology

Adès, Braxton, Barry, Beethoven

Visiting Monk’s birthplace Rocky Mount with David Graham

Thanksgiving for Sophia Rosoff

West Coast Piano (Hampton Hawes and Jimmy Rowles)

Happy Birthday Joseph Haydn

Frederic Rzewski is 80

Dance to the Music of Time (personal updates)