Guest Posts

The Emotional Rhythm of Sophia Rosoff (by Sarah Deming)

James P. Johnson Gets Dressed (by Matthew Guerrieri)

Connector in Chief: Chick Corea, 1941-2021 (by Mark Stryker)

Live Bird is the Best Bird (by Mark Stryker)

One That Got Away: Steve Grossman, 1951-2020 (by Mark Stryker)

Cecil Taylor corner! with Richard Scheinin:

Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! (by Richard Scheinin)

New Cecil and the Old Crew in ’70s NYC: A Remembrance (by Richard Scheinin)

Eight American Popular Songs + A Tribute to Alec Wilder (by Jacob Zimmerman)

A Depressing Gig (by Desmond White)

The Bard of Bebop: Ira Gitler (by Mark Stryker)

The History of the Blues…Scale? (by Asher Tobin Chodos)

On Roswell (by Jacob Garchik)

Memories of Connie Crothers (by Marta Sanchez)

Misunderstanding in Blue (by Darcy James Argue)

Three for Wheeler: Everybody’s Song But His Own (by Darcy James Argue)Time, Marked (by Ingrid Jensen)Introduction to a Particular Song (by Darcy James Argue)

Stompin’ at Minton’s (by Miles Okazaki)

György Ligeti, interviewed by Benoît Delbecq

Clarence Clemons (by Branford Marsalis)

Traps, the Drum Wonder (on Buddy Rich, by Mark Stryker)

In Memoriam John Taylor (By Martin Speake)

Adventures in Big Band Musicology (by Jeff Sultanof)

For Your Ears Only: Ranking the James Bond Songs (by Dan Schmidt)

Stones (by Kevin Whitehead and Irving Stone)

Study up on Albert Murray (by Paul Devlin)

Doubt Has a Melody of Its Own: Steve Lacy, Frederic Rzewski, and Irene Aebi (by Josh Sinton)

Happy Birthday Tim Berne (by many)

Gordon Beck (by Colm “Red” Sullivan)

Best Toilets of 2010 (by John Hollenbeck)

Cracks in the Wall That Separates Us: How to sell your music in the age of the Internet (by Pim van Tol)