Review Bonanza

Tonight at 7: A trio hit with Larry Grenadier and Nasheet Waits streaming from WBGO at Yamaha Studios. It was a pleasure to meet Sheila Anderson, who writes more about the event here.

Some nice press coming in. I’m on the cover of the major Italian magazine Musica Jazz. “I love genres” — certainly true.

Ivan Hewett in the Daily Telegraph: “Charming and cheerful, the jazz pianist’s new album is nevertheless full of surprises”

Nate Chinen: “Every Note Is True, the new Blue Note debut by Ethan Iverson, rings with a sense of at-homeness — not home itself, per se, but a mix of fondness, familiarity and assurance.” (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Giovanni Russonello in NY Times: “Bacharach meets Brahms meets John Lewis” — I feel seen!

Christian Carey at Sequenza 21: “An auspicious label debut that demonstrates the imagination, breadth, and wit of Iverson’s playing while maintaining a spirit of enthusiastic collaboration. Highly recommended.”

John Garratt at Spectrum Culture: “His tendency to view jazz through a classical or rock lens does nothing to dilute its power.”

Tim Niland: “Pianist Ethan Iverson creates an engaging and accessible album in his debut for Blue Note Records” 

Interview with Craig Byrd for Cultural Attaché.

Thanks to all for listening and reading. Positive reviews at Amazon make the world go ‘round