Four on the Floor

Guillaume Hazebrouck transcribed my choruses on “Bags Groove” from the album Philadelphia Beat. It’s quite thrilling to see the transcription done so well. I’ve been working on this style. I’m not all the way there yet, but this is definitely as good as I could do at the time of the 2014 recording. Ben Street and Tootie Heath sound wonderful, of course.

While I’m being egotistical: Hazebrouck sent me this the same day I published Theory of Harmony. Those events reinforced each other in a refreshing way. Whatever I’m playing here, it did not come out of a jazz textbook! (If you want a PDF of the finished Theory of Harmony, sign up for Transitional Technology and email me.)

Drummer Hyland Harris contributed a marvelous essay to Philadelphia Beat. Yesterday Hyland sent me a photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visiting the Louis Armstrong House.

AOC and HH

My own photoessay about visiting the Armstrong house is here.