London Overview


  1. “Ethan Iverson in London”
  2. “And on the Third Day” by Michael Gibbs
  3. “Afterglow” by Marian McPartland
  4. Early British Syncopation (Percy Grainger and Constant Lambert)
  5. Raising Hell with Henry Purcell

Bonus track: Time Tunnel.

I’d like to thank Richard Williams, whose blog The Blue Moment is a model of its kind. Richard will be joining me onstage Saturday as part of the “composers” night to discuss some of the many things I’m leaving out of this three-day overview. Richard also suggested “Doxology” for a John Surman piece — great suggestion!

Also thanks in advance to my collaborators Brigitte Beraha, Mandhira de Saram, Cath Roberts, Dee Byrne, Kim Macari, Olie Brice, Laura Jurd, Peter Wareham, Tom Herbert, Sebastian Rochford, Adam Fairhall and Alexander Hawkins,

OK, I’m headed to the plane. If you are in London this weekend, do come out! It’s going to be a one-time only event!