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Lyrics to “Oleo” by Jim Cox, recorded in the mid-70s.

(First A) Oleo, Oleo! Your hot cakes have never had it better, you know. It’s a spread, that you’re fed, when you feel in your head, maybe your fat is saturated

(Second A) In a tube, in a cube, or squeeze it ‘cause now it even comes in a tube. As a rule, cows are cool, but you know I’m a fool, just for the margarine school (Update: On Twitter, Darcy James Argue suggested that this should start with “in a tub,” not “in a tube.”  Makes sense…)

(Improvised bridge) You know mazola is the only kind of corn, ever you’re gonna find in Sonny’s horn. I mean it’s crazy just to think that there are people today, who still will give an argument that butterfat is the only way

(Last A) Don’t accept, second rate, there ain’t been a better lubrication to date. Be profound, hip your town, to the pleasure you’ve found! You’ve got to spread it around.


(from THE REAL VOCAL BOOK, via Heather Sessler)