Temporary Kings

ECM 2583 is Temporary Kings, a duo with Mark Turner.

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With Temporary Kings two of the most distinct voices on today’s jazz scene present their debut on record as a duo: Engaging in inspired dialogue Mark Turner and Ethan Iverson here explore aesthetic common ground in the atmosphere of a modernist chamber music-like setting at the Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI, Lugano. The saxophonist and the pianist had begun their association in the Billy Hart Quartet, where the two players featured sympathetically on two ECM albums by that band. The new duo album now contains six originals by Iverson (among them the nostalgic solo tune “Yesterday’s Bouquet”) and two by Turner (including “Myron’s World,” which has acquired near-classic status among contemporary jazz players). There’s an off-kilter blues (“Unclaimed Freight”) and a strikingly melodic, almost Ravelian opening track dedicated to the town where the album was recorded under ideal sonic conditions (“Lugano”), plus an interpretation of Warne Marsh’s playfully serpentine “Dixie’s Dilemma.”

We are going on tour in America in two swings:


And later in October in Europe. (More on that soon.)

New Yorkers don’t miss the Jazz Standard on Tuesday September 18 it’s going to be GREAT!!! 

Most of my compositional contributions to Temporary Kings can be seen at The Page Has No Sound.


Major Washington Post coverage, thank you Chris Richards!

Link to article, but Chris also tweeted a photo of the print:



Sound Stage Experience — review by James Hale

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Dusted – review by Derek Taylor

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I’m sort of stunned by Dan Ouellette’s profile, “Ethan Iverson: Dynamo at the Crossroads,” in the October DownBeat. Dan talked to Mark Morris, Mark Turner, and Billy Hart for the article.

Link to profile within full mag.

Download PDF:

Ethan Iverson feature – DownBeat

Lo-res photos of the piece:

DanO profile 1Dan O profile 2Dan O profile 3Dan O 4


Very special thanks to Manfred Eicher! And everyone else at ECM. There’s a big team in Munich, but I must especially tip my hat to the New York City ECM all-stars Tina Pelikan and Sarah Humphries. This is partly how it works: Mark and I have a gig: Sarah Humphries thinks ahead to a possible, still unconfirmed record date: Sarah asks local pro Robert Lewis to bring his camera to soundcheck: Now, two years later, we have great photos to go with the CD, press, and tour.

Also, Dan Ouellette works with his editor Bobby Reed at DownBeat. Chris Richards got a go-ahead from his editor at WaPo. There are art directors and other moving parts to create a compelling article at every major publication.

Mariah Wilkins is in charge of the duo’s bookings. Thank you so much Mariah you are AWESOME.

At every tour stop there is a local promoter taking a chance, plus a staff working for love and only a bit of money.

Every person, everywhere, is required for the big picture to work. Sincere thanks to all.