The Page Has No Sound

From Temporary Kings: Lugano, Temporary Kings, Yesterday’s Bouquet, Unclaimed Freight, Turner’s Chamber of Unlikely Delights


Temporary KingsTemporary Kings 2

Yesterday's Bouquet 2

Unclaimed Freight (full score)

Turner's Chamber of Unlikely DelightsAbove Melancholy Reputation (coda)

Theme song: The More it Changes (lyric by Sarah Deming)

the more it changes jpeg


Concerto cover

PDF of orchestral score to Concerto to Scale. If you want to hear a recording, get in touch…

Concerto to Scale (dtm)

Billy Hart quartet rep by me: South Hampton, Neon, Maraschino, and Nigeria (which is mostly by Mark Turner but I came up with the first phrase).

South HamptonNeonMaraschinoNigeria



Stuff from TBP. Some of these are from my first year or so with Finale and they look pretty bad. Also, I barely needed to give Reid or Dave any given sketch of my (not very hard) music before they took it and made it their own. Actually this Inevitable Western was just for me to remember it, I don’t think Reid even ever saw this incomplete chart.

In other words, these were never intended for “public” consumption, but I won’t be playing them with others and won’t be re-setting the Finale files, so what the hell.

Guilty, 2 P.M., County Seat, the “borrowed” bit from Faith from Error, Inevitable Western, Self Serve, Mr. Now, Sing for a Silver Dollar.

There were originally no charts for Let Our Garden Grow or Birthday Gift (the latter was a bonus track), but I wrote out the voicings for Jim McNeely when he arranged them for big band.

Guilty2 P.M.2 P.M. 2County Seat 1County Seat 2County Seat 3

Faith from Error

Inevitable Western

Self Serve

Mr. NowMr. Now 2

Sing for a Silver DollarSing for a Silver Dollar 2

garden 1garden 2

garden 3birthday 1birthday 2birthday 3

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