Monk@Durham Day 9

Joshua Redman guesting with David Williams, Victor Lewis, and me.

I’ve gotten to know Josh pretty well through all the gigs with The Bad Plus Joshua Redman and more recently the week with Billy Hart. He’s a worker, and didn’t mind getting assigned some more obscure items. It was a sensational couple of sets. Actually I thought it was the best showing from the “house trio” yet. It was telling how differently Victor Lewis played for Houston Person than for Josh Redman. I asked Victor about it and he said, “I love all the eras of this music.”

Before we began with “Boo Boo’s Birthday,” David Williams told us about how Barbara Monk (Thelonious’s daughter, nicknamed “Boo Boo”) would come by rehearsals when David played with T.S. Monk in the group Natural Essence.

Set 1

Boo Boo’s Birthday
Ugly Beauty
Off Minor

Set 2

Think of One
Light Blue
Criss Cross
Oska T.
Ask Me Now
Straight, No Chaser

Josh came by the previous night with Houston Person and Chris Potter. Lotta tenor in this photo!


After Josh’s triumphant sets: