True Stories

Highly recommended: T-Rex, a mighty documentary about the first truly great female boxer, Claressa Shields. Claressa is from the hard luck town of all hard luck towns, Flint, Michigan, and the documentary is profound comment on the American condition. T-rex concludes with her first Olympic victory in London; Claressa just won her second gold medal in Rio.

T-Rex is currently streaming on Netflix.

My wife, Sarah Deming, has a cameo in the opening scene of T-Rex and cheered on Claressa from the stands in Rio. She profiles Claressa in a forthcoming major boxing anthology from University of Chicago Press and yesterday just got her first byline in the New York Times:

“How Boxing Got Me to Face my Fears.”

Another valuable related piece in the Times is by Jaime Lowe: “Women’s Boxing has Been In the Shadows for Too Long.”