Upcoming gigs

December 15: trio with Chris Finet and Arthur Vint at The Nash in Phoenix

December 16 and 17: trio with Colin McIlrath and Arthur Vint at the Century Room in Tucson

December 20: opening set (before jam session) with Diego Voglino and Joe Martin at Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn

UMBRIA JAZZ (Winter session at Orvieto)

A few years ago I premiered Bud Powell in the 21st Century with the Umbria Jazz Orchestra — the follow up is:


arranged and conducted by Ethan Iverson

featuring Romero Lubambo, Peter Washington, Dan Weiss

The big show with Dianne is on December 28, 30, and 31. Happy New Year!

I also play a trio set with Peter Washington and Dan Weiss on January 1.