She Won’t Forget Me

In two weeks Every Note is True, my Blue Note debut with Larry Grenadier and Jack DeJohnette, is officially released in its entirety.

The last time I’ll make this plea: One of the best things a fan can do to support an artist is preorder the album on Amazon. It’s their world, we just live in it. The algorithm knows what is generating interest and supports those albums further.

One final single is out today, “She Won’t Forget Me.” At the top of the pandemic I posted quick renditions of many TV themes on my socials. For several of my non-musician friends, this was some of the best piano playing I’ve ever done. The little videos are now anthologized on DTM.

Eventually I wrote my own TV theme, “She Won’t Forget Me.” Of course, the actual show doesn’t exist yet. But we live in hope! Maybe, now that I’m signed to Blue Note, the right producer will discover my tunes…

On a nerdy level, I am quite satisfied by the hidden complexity of “She Won’t Forget Me.” It all seems quite obvious on the surface, but under the hood it has a few surprises. When I described the track to Don Was, I said it was, “as if Thelonious Monk wrote a TV theme.”

On a less nerdy level, this tune must have something to do with all the wonderful dancers I’ve known for so many years. Last night at the 10 years of Dance Heginbotham event, I worked with Amber Merkens and Maile Okamura. I played for them both when they danced for Mark Morris; now Amber is Heginbotham’s rehearsal director and Maile designs the costumes. Unforgettable.

We had the first rehearsal of “Ritornello, Sinfonias, and Cadenzas” on Tuesday up at NEC. Yeah, it’s going to be great fun to bring the students down to New York and present this 40 minutes of extended composition. I have written a lot of sonata allegro forms in the last few years, and the three “Sinfonias” are definitely among my best so far. Jordan Hall on Feb 7, Roulette in Brooklyn on Feb 11. Be there or be square!