Blast from the Past

As part of their Dance On! Video Vault, the Mark Morris Dance Group has put up some remarkable archival footage from the era when I was first working for this great company. Wow!

All the choreography is by Mark Morris, and it all features Mikhail Baryshnikov.

  1. “Ten Suggestions,” danced by Morris and Baryshnikov, music by Alexander Tcherepnin, Bagatelles.
  2. “Three Preludes” danced by Baryshnikov, music by Gershwin. (Rehearsal tape, I am not the pianist on this one, although I played it for Mark a few times on other occasions.)
  3. “Three Russian Preludes,” danced by Baryshnikov, music by Shostakovich. I believe both the Tcherepnin and the Shostakovich are from the same 1998 concert, a one-off. I’m pretty sure this was the only time I played either of these pieces publicly.
  4. “The Argument” danced by Tina Fehlandt, Marjorie Folkman, Ruth Davidson, Shawn Gannon, Morris and Baryshnikov, music by Schumann, Five Pieces in Folk Style. 1999 at BAM with Yo-Yo Ma on cello.

There’s a nice review of the BAM evening by Deborah Jowitt called “Depths of Memory” — certainly an appropriate title for my emotions looking this video…