Autumn Leaves

Burning Ambulance, the website, podcast, and general cultural perspective of Phil Freeman, is also now a record label. The first release is Eyes Shut, Ears Open, a compilation of tracks giving an overview of the current scene.

Burt Bacharach steps up for my home state, Wisconsin, which is a battleground state in the general. Yeah, Burt!

“Donate to join us for an exclusive concert with Burt Bacharach. It’s only going to be livestreamed once at 6pm CT on October 11th.

“The suggested donation is $100, but you can chip in any amount to join!

“Anything you donate will be used to ensure that Trump loses Wisconsin, and thereby the White House.”

RIP the legendary composer, performer, and teacher Jacques-Louis Monod. His works list is not extensive but it has amazing qualities that combine slow lyricism of a ancient, almost “Gregorian” nature with dodecaphony; he also participated in groundbreaking post-war recordings of Anton Webern. Several of my peers studied extensively with Monod including Ben Street and Patrick Zimmerli.

Why Radiohead are the Blackest white band of our times.” There’s some interesting stuff in this article (which is much better than the clickbait headline), but once again I’m struck by how music academics seem to rigorously avoid any discussion of rhythm.

Words not used in this article in regards to Radiohead: “feel” “groove” “syncopation” “time” “swing” “beat” “placement” “drums” “Phil Selway.” It seems to me that if you want to talk about black music and Radiohead, then at least a few of those words would be helpful…

The recent DTM interview with Charles McPherson and Steve Coleman mentions the lack of academic vocabulary in re: rhythm.

Driving around in a rental car I listened to some pop radio, and was kind of floored by Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart.”

My favorite part of Chasin’ the Trane is when Coltrane repeatedly tries to make his first wife play the harp.


On Thursday, I’ll be talking with Dekel Bor for JazzTimes, streamable on the JazzTimes FaceBook page. ECM will be giving away a vinyl copy of Temporary Kings, my duo album with Mark Turner.

On Sunday, I’ll be giving a masterclass for Jazz Heaven, the educational site hosted by my old friend Falk Willis, who drummed on my first album School Work with Dewey Redman way back in 1993. It’s a paid webinar; the topic is “Fun Games With the Metronome.”