Quarantine Projects (2)

Tonight at 8 PM (EST) I’m going to check out Malaby / Hébert / Mintz: The Under Turnpike Trio at Arts for Art. Tony Malaby’s blurb is inspiring:

In 2016, Billy Mintz, Hill Greene, and I were supposed to play one of AFA’s InGardens sets but were cancelled because of noise complaints. On our way home to New Jersey, Billy and I played two long and fulfilling sets under the turnpike. When the pandemic started we talked about meeting there and hitting as soon as things calmed down a bit. One afternoon, John Hébert called with that desperation to hit and play music so we organized the first Under the Turnpike session and have met there since. The noise of traffic from the turnpike above and skateboarders’ crashing boards has become part of our sound. I’m so happy to have this place close by and share it with two of my oldest friends. – Tony Malaby

As any serious DTM reader knows, Scott Wollschleger is one of my favorite “new” composers, and I’m very happy that Steve Smith featured Scott and pianist Karl Larson for the post “Double Vision” at Night After Night. The substantial interview is a goldmine, and of course the music (which sees YouTube release thanks to quarantine conditions) is wonderful.

Matthew Guerrieri has been meditating on Bach (among other things), joking, “I have been doing my part to uphold the classical-music hegemony by practicing Johann Sebastian Bach under lockdown—practically a cliché at this point, but when has that ever stopped me before?” The whole post is delightful.

My quarantine “Carolina Shout” is up, I’m pretty pleased with it. Among the props is a David Nyvall sculpture on loan from Daniel Pinkwater.

Oh, and “All the Things You Are” anagrams as “Reheating a Holy Lust.” (Just thought you should know that.)