Great Material

20 years of “Oops, I did it Again” by Jeff Weiss. 

(When The Bad Plus recorded with Tchad Blake at Real World Studios, Tchad praised “Oops,” saying that Max Martin and the production team had created a track that wiped everything else off the radio.)

Revisionist History: Bernstein at the Berlin Wall by Olivia Giovetti.

(Giovetti begins by citing Jonathan Cott. I don’t know most of Cott’s work, but the slim volume Conversations with Glenn Gould made an unforgettable impact when I was very young, and I suppose must be a major influence on DTM.)

Matthew Guerrieri on Little Richard.

Brad Mehldau. Why does he like Bach? on the WTF Bach podcast.

Hangin’ with Hyland, a new series at the Louis Armstrong House.

“Fine and Dandy” played by Charlie Parker, transcribed and annotated by Kevin Sun.