Jimmy Cobb GoFundMe

Serena Cobb explains.

In Ashley Kahn’s book on Kind of Blue, there’s a photo of the expenses for the first of two KOB sessions.


Jimmy Cobb made $66.67 that day.

According to a trusted source, Cobb received no royalties. Ever. But Sony did toss him a thousand dollars in the “CD box set era” for doing interviews connected to “new” releases.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a photo credit for the below, but suffice to say that Jimmy Cobb gives Chris Evans a run for his money in the sweater department.


Cobb has a big beat, a driving approach that makes a small band sound big. His legendary hook-up was with Wynton Kelly: Any of the live dates with Kelly and Cobb together are just insane.

A lesser-known studio date of tremendous interest is Bobby Timmons’s The Soul Man! with Wayne Shorter and Ron Carter.

But really anything with Cobb is going to be top shelf.

And, of course, there is Kind of Blue, where every articulation of each cymbal beat has gone in the annals of the most precious human achievement.