George Cables is Back!

Last night I was lucky and caught the second set of the George Cables trio with Dezron Douglas and Victor Lewis at the Vanguard.

Mr. Cables was on fire! Afterwards he told me that he’s been practicing more than ever. It sounded like it. Take no prisoners!

In March 2018 Cables had his left leg amputated. It was a dramatic story, we were worried about his future, yet the musician hitting last night at the club is still one of the greatest NYC jazz pianists.

The set included his first tune, a Bird blues with a bridge called “Happiness,” and two recent pieces, the ultra-modern (nearly prog-rock) fantasia “The Mystery of Monifa Brown” and the heartfelt tribute “Farewell Mulgrew.”

Cables and Victor Lewis go way back. Naturally, Lewis sounded terrific as well, a big beat and every note both authentic and personal. Of the straight ahead masters, only Victor has a second snare to the side for timbale effects. Dezron Douglas fit right in with taste and swag.

They are at the club through Sunday.


(DTM: Interview with George Cables)