Mr. Rob Schwimmer/Mr. Billy Hart

Next week: Thursday May 31st @ 7pm —
Solo Concert
Heart of Hearing CD Release Concert
for Piano, Theremin & the amazing Haken Continuum

at Joe’s Pub

The record at Bandcamp

I wrote the liner notes for Heart of Hearing, it’s really kind of an amazing disc. My pull quote: “Rob Schwimmer is a strikingly advanced polymath, a wizard on multiple instruments, a relentless comic, a throwback to the groovy ’60s/’70s, a repository of unlikely trivia, a summoner of strange beauty, a master of the absurd, a man with a heart of gold… In the end, Heart of Hearing is about harmony. Hallucinatory, complex, subtle pitches and people together. The 88 keys plus sine waves, a life lived in strange and beautiful music.”

Rob has been on the road with me and the Mark Morris Dance Group wowing audiences with his Theremin in Pepperland, but when he sits down at the piano at soundcheck, I wonder if I shouldn’t just give up the bench and conduct instead!

Sadly I will miss Rob’s show since I’ll be working across town. Mark Turner couldn’t make it, neither could Josh Redman, so we asked the great Chris Potter (who is on some of Billy’s older records).