Perfida Replicata

Yesterday  Josephine Bode, Dodó Kis, and I played a set at Moers.

The composition that began and ended the set was a deconstruction of Angelo Beradi’s Canzone Sesta.


In between the written statements we improvised. For the publishing information Josephine wrote down the title as “Perfida Replicata,” as that is Beradi’s marking for the final quick movement of the Canzone.

Last year at Moers I thrilled to watch Anthony Braxton play the contrabass saxophone, an instrument he more or less invented.

All recorder players have an arsenal of different sizes, but Josephine and Dodó both have a special interest in the contrabass recorder Paetzold. Dodó: “This instrument was developed by a German maker Herbert Paetzold in 1975, now it’s manufactured and distributed by Kunath.”