Varied Air and Variations

Three unusual tracks came across the radar recently. In every case I was profoundly surprised by the procedures used. In reverse chronological order:

Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, and Marty Morell start a 1974 “So What” with searching free improv in the manner of Bitches Brew.

On the radio I heard the Brubeck/Desmond doing “Take Five” where they improvised in major! WHAT. I couldn’t find that version on YT but here’s a long boring version with Mulligan and Dawson in 1972 that proves that, yes, blowing in major on “Take Five” is a thing.

Finally, Coleman Hawkins imitated Stan Getz for a 1962 album of bossa. It’s really great — but when I heard it on a friend’s Pandora station, I had no idea what the hell it could be. Now I know.