New Year: Do the Gig


Musée Mécanique, SF wharf

In 2018, I’ll be launching a new site, Do the G!g, which will anthologize and review NYC jazz. If you are interested in hearing more about it — especially if you are a musician who wants to try out writing about music — sign up for Floyd Camembert Reports, I’ll be emailing a full description of the site and the job openings by the end of the week.

[longer pitch follows]

After 15 years of historically-focused output at Do the Math, it is time to branch out and attempt to help serve the current New York City jazz community. Basic coverage of the scene is at a dismal low while there are more excellent musicians than ever.

Do the G!g (a sister site run off the same WordPress account as Do the Math) will offer a splash page of listings. Suddenly free on a Wednesday night? Do the G!g will tell you where to go.

There will also be short and content-heavy reviews of performances written by a diverse group of young musicians committed to parsing the wildly eclectic current jazz scene. Reviews will be edited and sponsored by Ethan Iverson, but all judgments will be the writer’s own.

The reviews are not planned to be on the harsh “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” model. Simply reporting the repertoire and personnel is already valuable. Past that, reviewers for DTG will be quickly attempting to describe the content of the music. There’s so much going on, so many genres, so many references. Who is doing what and why?