Monk@Durham Day 2

Nice long piece by David A. Graham in the Atlantic.

Dan Ruccia’s local preview of the festival also has some juicy quotes.

JD Allen trio with Gregg August and Rudy Royston, special guest Dave Douglas

Set 1

52nd St. Theme
Bright Mississippi
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are
52nd St. Theme

Set 2

Bemsha Swing
Green Chimneys
Stuffy Turkey
I Mean You
Ask Me Now
Monk’s Dream

Highlights included: Douglas’s melodic choruses on the blues, August’s solo on “Stuffy Turkey,” Royston’s quarter note on “Pannonica,” JD’s swagger on “Green Chimneys.”

Jam Session

I played “Crepuscule With Nellie,” “Monk’s Mood” and “Ruby, My Dear” solo while the band changed over, then quick versions of “Off Minor,” “Bye-Ya,” and “Criss Cross” trio with Butler Knowles and Bean Clemons. Al Strong (an important local force) joined us for “Reflections.” Then there were others…I don’t know the names of everyone who sat in, but the level was shockingly high. I mean I was really kind of blown away. Rep included “In Walked Bud,” Evidence,” “Epistrophy” (with poetry recitation) and “Straight No Chaser.”



I remember hearing a great, long, deconstructed version of Monk’s “Introspection” with Dave Douglas, Mark Dresser, and Mike Sarin in fall of 1991 at CBGB’s Gallery.


Aaron Greenwald and Gregg August.


The “Always Know” piece above is by André Leon Gray.


Yeah, I wore the festival T-shirt.