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From the uncompleted files from about five years ago: Herbie into Kenny and McCoy into Kenny. The left hand is extremely important, and I just didn’t get around to finishing the left hand with Kirkland.

I remembered these when a student asked me yesterday about “E.S.P,”  which in my view is one of the hardest tunes. “Yes or No” is not easy either.

Looking at these now I think I learned what I needed to and am not going to work on these more. They are probably full of mistakes and, again, the Kirkland left hand is crucial. If anyone wants the Finale files to edit you can hit me up on Twitter or FB.

Audio files included…

Herbie Hancock’s solo on “E.S.P.” with Ron Carter and Tony Williams:

herbie ESP 1herbie ESP 2


Kenny Kirkland’s solo on “E.S.P.” with Eddie Gomez and Peter Erskine:

Kirkland ESP 1Kirkland ESP 2



McCoy Tyner’s solo on “Yes or No” with Reggie Workman and Elvin Jones:

McCoy YesNo 1McCoy YesNo 2McCoy YesNo 3McCoy YesNo 4



(Most of) Kenny Kirkland’s first chorus with Robert Hurst and Jeff Watts from video at Bottom Line:Kirkland Yes No


(There’s a bad incorrect edit later in the piano solo.)