Self-Justifications of an Addict


I can’t seem to stop buying LPs. At the stall in Casa Del Jazz two nights there was a gent offering a really outstanding selection of rarities at reasonable prices. And, after all, if you buy one, you’ve made that shape in your suitcase, so why not buy three? Indeed, three seems to be the right number for a little added bulk protection as the vinyl is tossed around by the meanest baggage handlers Europe can employ…

Illinois Jacquet in Swinging Sweden: Obviously worth it for the cover alone, but I suspect the music is great, too. I haven’t really heard Jacquet on record after his early period. Walter Perkins is fantastic but not nearly as frequently documented as some of his peers. Joe Newman is not always in a small group situation, either. Of course the wild card is Jimmy Rowles, I’m hoping to steal something that I could use the next time I play with someone like Houston Person.

Jimmy Rowles Isfahan is another duo with George Mraz.  I kind of collect Rowles records, when he is in top gear I always learn something beautiful. In this case I’m particularly curious to hear his changes for “How Deep is the Ocean,” a standard often called at jam sessions but one that I’m often at a loss to harmonize in a truly satisfying fashion.

Charlie Parker in France 1949 Live Bird is a deep dive I haven’t really done yet. In this case the fidelity is undoubtedly questionable but I am curious about how the all-stars are throwing down for the overseas crowd. There’s a desperate charm to the Bird bootlegs. For years this was the only way to get the information, and despite all manner of sonic hindrances the message of that blazing alto saxophone always comes through.