Sir Ron at 80

Happy Birthday to the one and only Mr. Ron Carter, who has probably given me more hours of unadulterated listening pleasure than any other living musician.

In my experience the role of the bass is the hardest for non-musician jazz fans to understand. Even musicians can underrate the significance of the bass. More than anybody else, Ron Carter’s powerful personality makes a case for the bass to civilians and professionals alike.

Ron is of course a master accompanist, but he is also one of the most extreme avant-gardists this music has ever known. His provocative sallies work because they are rooted in absolute folkore. Hyland Harris watched a recent record session with Ron and afterwards said, “It must be a lot to carry on those shoulders, being the hardest-swinging man in the commonwealth.”

Jazz musicians who only play the authentic language are rarer and rarer. Ron’s exceptional gift is still luminous. Don’t miss any opportunity to pay tribute and see the man in person.


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