A Quick Listen to Noel Da Costa

Aware of my interest in modernist composition, Ron Carter told me to check out his late friend Noel Da Costa (or DaCosta, not sure of spelling).  As far as I know, the only CD issue of Da Costa is CRI SD 514. Just reviewed it on Amazon:

For those interested in the intersection of jazz and European modernism, Da Costa is an intriguing figure. The trombone preludes are kind of like if Roswell Rudd met Stefan Wolpe (great performance by Per Brevig and Wanda Maximilien) and the cello pieces are sophisticated and delicate. However the highlight is “Jes’ Grew” for solo violin, which comfortably quotes Jelly Roll Morton and the blues alongside convincing atonal gestures. According to the NY Times obit, Max Pollikoff apparently premiered works by 250 composers. It’s hard to imagine to many of them being more fun to play than “Jes’ Grew,” which should absolutely be programmed by contemporary violinists.