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“Night 11” picture stolen from Miles Okazaki’s twitter feed

Henry Threadgill got in touch yesterday, saying that I should put something on my blog about Steve Coleman’s month-long gig at the Stone. One of Threadgill’s points was that back in the day, Thelonious Monk or Charles Mingus would play for a month or sometimes much longer at the same New York club, especially the Five Spot.

The Stone is not too far from where the Five Spot used to be.

Along with Wynton Marsalis, Steve Coleman is arguably the most influential musician of his generation. Coleman has never stopped pushing or refining his point of view. Threadgill is right: one simply must go see the man, his band, and his personal vision of the music getting a chance to work it out for a month in an East Village dive.

Fred Kaplan previewed the residency in the New York Times.