Tones for Overton

New DTM page: Hall Overton, Composer, a vast expansion on an old solipsistic DTM article called “Six Degrees of Hall Overton.” Indeed, there is hardly anything of the old essay left, although there’s still the score to “Polarities No. 1” (but with a new recording).

For (probably) the first time since 1954, New York will be able to hear a performance of the unrecorded Overton Piano Sonata at an ACA concert at Spectrum May 26. The companion piece of my own composition is titled, “Another Tonal Salvo” (an anagram of “hall overton sonata”).

DTM’s coverage of classical music has been uneven. The best thing is the interview with Marc-André Hamelin. Also important is the interview with George Walker. Refurbished and updated with comments on recent recordings are the overviews of Irving Fine and Peter Lieberson (the latter is now much improved).

All the classical music pages on DTM are collected under the nav Sonatas and Études.