If You Want to Fly an Airplane, It Won’t Take Off Without Resistance

New DTM page: Interview with Wayne Shorter.

Very sorry to have recently lost the marvelous BBC program Jazz on 3. Through Peggy Sutton I interviewed Keith Jarrett, Django Bates, Gunther Schuller, and Henry Threadgill. The Wayne Shorter interview was something Peggy and I worked on for years to make happen; in the end I did it under the oversight of Chris Elcombe as Peggy was on vacation.

The “voice” Jez Nelson interviewed me a couple of times, the last on the occasion of Paul Bley’s passing. And Jazz on 3 also taped The Bad Plus in concert, perhaps most memorably at a gig with Django Bates. In fact I believe that TBP/Bates gig may have even been Jazz on 3’s idea!

At any rate, certainly Tony Dudley-Evans is correct when he says that for the last 18 years, Jazz on 3 was a “leading influence in the development of the UK scene.”

Thank you all! Hope to see you in London the next time I’m there.