Brand New Day

Donna Lewis, major pop star and singer/songwriter, has released Brand New Day with Reid, Dave and me. It’s produced by David Torn, who also wrote the arrangements, which is why we aren’t calling ourselves TBP for this one — it can’t really be TBP if I’m playing someone else’s piano parts, as cool as Torn’s are!

Donna and David were a dream to work with, and the resulting album is also dreamy to listen to. I brought it over to some friends for a listen and they went crazy for it. I suspect it will do very well indeed. If you are a collector of all things Iversonian, this is your chance to hear me as a pop pianist. I’m not gonna join Rick Wakeman or Mike Garson on a list of major figures, but I admit it’s got an interesting feel.

I always count my blessings to be associated with Reid Anderson and David King, and they really sound great on this record, too. Wow. A deep pocket.

Thanks Donna for giving us this opportunity! See you at the Grammys or something.