Relative Dimensions

I saw my old friend Kris Osegard today.  His current theorem:


1) The inheritance of the classic show

2) How badly they have trashed the reboot


3) How so many people love the reboot so much —

it is therefore true that

The current Doctor Who is the worst television show ever. 

Since I've liked a few episodes, my take isn't as definitive, but after reading the latest at Io9 I'm ready to sound the cloister bell.  ("Tonight's Doctor Who episode brought back an idea that Russell T. Davies used to play with a lot: the Doctor inevitably ruins his companions."  AARGH)

The other thing Kris and I shared extensive rage about was how current sci-fi and fantasy fandom happily brand themselves "nerdy" or "geeky." Recently I spoke to a stunningly beautiful young woman at a party and she described herself as a "nerd" because she likes the Game of Thrones franchise.

No! No! No! 

You are not a nerd because you are a casual fan of easy-to-understand comic books, cgi-driven effects, or stuff with dragons…Especially if you are well-liked and well-adjusted! 

You need to pay your dues before claiming nerd pride.  Did you ever wrestle with Gygax?  Did you collect every Monk recording by the age of 16? Or (this is Kris's contribution) did you ever program an original Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story in Basic on an Apple IIe?