L.A. Story

One of the best things about playing Catalina's (we are there tonight and tomorrow as well) is the proximity to Amoeba on West Sunset Boulevard. 

On CD I got the terrific Ray Bryant Trio on Prestige, thanks to a strong recommendation by Mike Kanan.  This was just before I heard of Bryant's passing.   More from DTM soon;  for now, watch videos of Bryant solo and trio.  (I don't recognize the bassist and drummer; if you know, leave a comment in the last Forumesque.)

The LP's are comparative rarities:


Mulgew Miller, Wingspan.  I looked everywhere for this when working on my Young Lions post but could only find ultra-expensive copies. I've heard it is one of Mulgrew's best albums.

Michael Mantler, Movies.  I used to have this.  As I recall it has some of the best Tony Williams rock drumming on record.

Art Hodes, I Remember Bessie.  Great cover photo.

Terumasa Hino, May Dance.  1977 with John Scofield, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams.  At some point I will have all the Ron/Tony records…

Classical Jazz.  Uh, what is this?  Sealed for $1.99?  It's a piano concerto composed and performed by Fritz Pauer, an Austrian musician I'd like to learn more about.  Intriguingly Pauer also plays works by Rodion Shchedrin (legit post-Shostakovich Russian) and Joseph Horowitz (British light music).

Johnny Guarnieri, Piano Dimensions. There's a little later Guarnieri in my collection, it hasn't made as much of an impression as the 40's stuff.  This seems to be his only record from the '60s.

The New York Jazz Quartet, Concert in Japan.  Frank Wess, Roland Hanna, Ron Carter, Ben Riley.  I used to have this too but it was pretty scratched up.  Long tunes.

Jimmy Rowles, Plays Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.  Huh, I can't remember seeing this before.  Solo.  Rowles is unquestionably one of the best pianists for this repertoire.