Carl Constantine Kosak Revealed

On Monday K.C. Constantine appeared at Festival of Mystery in PA, and even got his photo taken.

I've been wondering what happened to Constantine.  I've read all the Mario Balzac books at least twice.  To call them "police procedurals" is technically correct but also misses the point:  They are intensely political and sociological novels chronicling the small-time wins and losses of a small-town police chief.  In some books there isn't even a murder.  (The major crime is usually the death of the American Dream.) 

Perhaps now all Kosak fans can unite and demand that more tales of Rocksburg be commissioned and published.  Not really sure if Kosak fans could get all that much done, though.  If we are like the characters in the stories, we spend most of our time in bars, drinking alone or complaining to other bored drunks about how everything has gone to hell. 

That last bit doesn't sound that appealing, does it?  However, these books really are among the greatest in the genre.  I suspect the fan favorite (if such a category exists among us misanthropes) is Always A Body to Trade, which will teach you the most about how the criminal justice system works this side of The Wire.