Bruce Arkin and Bob Bowen

Shocking accidental deaths of sincere jazz musicians —

Bruce was an integral part of the Barcelona scene. One night I really enjoyed a set of his quartet at the Jamboree with Albert Bover, Chris Higgins, and Jorge Rossy, the same band on his album Wake Up!; we talked serious jazz, and the next day he brought me a DVD stacked with hours and hours of priceless rare Sonny Rollins on mp3. I still have that disc, marked, “B. Arkin’s Sonny Boots vol. 1.” A music lover for sure and a fine saxophonist — his MySpace is still up, with a nice version of “Invitation.”

Bob Bowen I didn’t know personally, but I knew his bass playing a little bit from records with Ohad Talmor and Lee Konitz. He was right in there. See the IBeam memorial page.

The only response to deaths of your peers is a cliché: Live each day as if it will be your last. Sincere condolences to all of Bruce and Bob’s friends, loved ones, and families.