Greeting and Birthday Cards

All performing artists are looking to diversify during the pandemic. In August I tried out “Bespoke Birthday Cards” and it went very well, I sold over 20 of them.

Sarah and I are just done moving; I have a new tiny rehearsal space in Gowanus. It’s time to see if I have more customers for this unique gift.

For Thanksgiving, I suggest a holiday classic, something that could be texted to all your friends and loved ones:

For Xmas a carol makes sense, of course, but really anything in any style is possible. I’m an old hand at swinging carols or making them abstract. Here’s one “straight,” suitable for a sing-a-long if your device connects to speakers:

Naturally, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s and other holidays are also on offer…

…And the birthday cards are still available. I’ve gotten great feedback on these so far! Below is a birthday in the style of an 80’s film score. I’ve done birthday cards a la jazz, rock, gospel, broadway, tango, etc.

Cost is $100. You can do whatever you want with it: Text to the recipient, place on socials or wherever else, etc.

It’s fun and easy for me to do, and people genuinely light up when they open their phone and find a little personalized video.

My email is: ethaniverson (at) mac (dot) com.