Ethan Iverson teaches private lessons

“Professor Zoom.” At first I was resistant, but now the online dialogues are going very well.

Quotes from three of my best students, musicians already making a contribution to the art of sound:

“Ethan is not only a world-class pianist but an outstanding teacher. He also knows the history and tradition of jazz like no one else. Each lesson with him is a unique opportunity to learn and grow as a musician. He is able to solve any musical problem with clear solutions in a very friendly environment. I can’t recommend taking lessons with him enough.” — saxophonist Xose Miguelez

“Ethan will give you serious knowledge on everything from bebop to composers like Schoenberg and Bartók. He is passionate, logical, and he will remember things you say. After a lesson with Ethan, you make a new effort to push harder, searching for what’s more beautiful and authentic/natural in jazz.” — pianist Hayoung Lyou

“Studying with Ethan has made a huge difference in my development as a musician and composer. Ethan’s teaching is just as creative as his amazing playing, and Ethan is a wonderful listener who really makes targeted suggestions. He always takes a practical yet artistic viewpoint. I always come away from a lesson with at least 5 concrete things to work on. I’ve been playing a long time and a lesson with Ethan is a real source of inspiration for me…but I think a musician of any level would really get a lot out of lessons with Ethan. You’ll certainly discuss some deep rhythmic science unlikely to be found elsewhere.” — bassist Paul Sanwald

An hour lesson is $120, my email is ethaniverson (at) mac dot com.