Bespoke Birthday Gift

All musicians are looking to diversify during the pandemic.

For fun I’ve been making “happy birthday” videos recently. They always go over big with the recipient…

It’s Halle Berry’s birthday today. I (pretend) texted Halle, and, in my imagination, she said she’d love a birthday greeting in a straightforward jazz style. No problem! Happy Birthday Halle!

“Swinging Jazz” is my default setting, but I can play the song in many styles. For my friends I made

— one like an indie rock song

— one like a mysterious drone

— and one like a noir ballad.

Why not buy one of these greetings for a loved one or close friend?

The felt letter board will say, “Happy Birthday [insert name].”

The musical style is up to you. It will probably be two times through the song and last about 40 or 50 seconds (like all the above examples). I can also play the song “straight” for a sing-along.

Halle wanted Domo on the piano keys but Domo will not appear in your video. However, you may mail me an inexpensive prop to place next to the letter board (but I will not be able to return the prop).

Cost is $100 and you can do whatever you want with it: Text to the recipient, place on socials or wherever else, etc.

It’s fun and easy for me to do, and people genuinely light up when they open their phone and find a little personalized video.

My email is: ethaniverson (at) mac (dot) com.