Progress is Possible?

Smart people knew all along that Trump’s supporters were motivated by racism or racism as a business. Historically, the broke and ignorant will take any excuse to blame “the other” for their predicament. Historically, the enfranchised stoke xenophobic fears in order to keep their own hoard growing.

The broke and ignorant possessing extra amounts of outward aggression became empowered after Trump became president. (Hyland Harris, who always has his finger on the pulse, texted me one minute after Trump won, “The KKK is coming back.”) Thanks to this “rise,” we have the death of Heather Heyer, a 32-year old white woman.

This is possibly good news. Another dead black body would mean nothing to the conversation, that’s been proven time and again. But a white woman? All along we’ve needed those who are a little smarter to talk some sense into their Trumpian neighbor or relative. The dead white body of Heather Heyer might be a great entry point.

This past weekend in Charlottesville was sad but nothing is new or suddenly worse. It’s really just the business of America ticking over. The hashtag #ThisisNotUS is silly.

Admittedly, I’m a white dude. I don’t know what it’s like to be a person of color and see a video made yesterday of newly-minted Neo-Nazis. But you can’t tell me that people of color didn’t know that the hate was there. Of course they knew it was there.

Perhaps I’m overly “optimistic,” but my gut tells me that the glorious potential of a Trump presidency remains the same, a chance to take the lid off the works and closely observe the foul machinations of the wealthy against the poor, with race as the key ingredient to make it all magically turn out as another dividend for those who already have too much.

Usually the thieves hide it a bit better. They know when to pull back and offer platitudes and consoling words, making sure that the businessmen can keep smoothly operating behind the curtain. But Trump is so dumb. He craves the continued love of the hicks, so he won’t condemn white supremacy. The ghost of Heather Heyer is hanging out and taunting him on his golf course, taunting him in his limo, taunting him in his office next to multiple screens blasting 24-hour cable news. There’s a big bill in America that never gets paid, and just maybe this pathetic narcissist will be the one forced to pay it at last.