Universal Remonster 6


RIP Horace Parlan. Only recently have I truly begun to appreciate how special this marvelous pianist was. Steve Wallace offers a long and informed tribute.

Max Cea writes of a jazzless New York Times. Whatever I have as a career is greatly indebted to the NYT: Terry Teachout, Peter Watrous, Ben Ratliff, and Nate Chinen all covered me at the paper, with and without the Bad Plus. If jazz in New York is to continue being crucial to the city’s culture there’s simply got to be coverage….

….the good news is the Nate Chinen is onboard as director of editorial content at WBGO. Indeed, the essential NYC-area radio station seems to be making a play to become a home for jazz on the internet. Since it now seems doubtful that the Times will have an obit for Misha Mengelberg, it’s good to read Chinen’s terrific tribute at WBGO. Earlier this year, a birthday celebration of Jimmy Cobb was really fun.

Michael Jarrett has just published Pressed for All Time: Producing the Great Jazz Albums From Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday to Miles Davis and Diana Krall. An excerpt in Jazztimes with interviews from John Snyder is essential reading for Ornette fans.

Hank Shteamer celebrates Interstellar Space at 50 in Rolling Stone.

Courtesy Doug Ramsey, I took another listen to very first jazz records, recorded 100 years ago by the The Original Dixieland Jass Band. Good stuff. “Livery Stable Blues” is the better cut overall but I dig drummer Ton Sbarbaro’s wacky woodblocks on “Dixeland Jass Band One-Step.”

Aaron Diehl tweeted an amazing video of Lil Hardin. I always liked her with Louis Armstrong, but I never really heard her after that era. Wow!

We usually think of “modern jazz” as “modern,” but listening to the ODJB and Hardin is a stark reminder of how “avant-garde” early jazz was (and still is). Recently Mark Morris was talking up the dancing of Al Minns. Here’s Minns and Leon James dancing to an onstage band playing “The Charleston.” Astounding and so modern.

Apologies: Steve Reich is calling.

Steve Smith reviews the Necks in Brooklyn.

Miranda Cuckson writes of premieres and gigs.

Paul Grimstad has published the wonderful “Notes on Louis Andriessen, Stravinsky, and the Apollonian Clockwork” in Music and Literature. I suppose my own DTM bit on Stravinsky is a kind of companion piece.

I should be linking to Lisa Hirsch more often then I do (if I was an opera maven I’d be at her spot all the time). Musicology Now is also full of interesting stuff.

Kyle Gann hasn’t posted in a while but from last August a selection of microtonal music is provocative and pleasing. Looking forward to the CD!

A special nod to Matthew Guerrieri. The rags are nice (and thank you very much, Soho, for the one dedicated to Sarah and me) but the Sentences from Montaigne really seem quite extraordinary, and of course most timely.