Action and Reaction


LBGT pride day earlier this year (NYC)

In Newcastle two nights ago: slept lightly for an hour before waking up in a sweat: checked phone and Trump was in ascendance.

Didn’t get back to sleep: walked through the day in a depressed daze: almost left my passport in airport lounge (an obvious Freudian slip).

There are questions about the Electoral College and a weakened Voting Rights Act, not to mention active participation of the previously unthinkable trinity of the KKK, the KGB, and the FBI.

Still, no matter how you slice it, the result was a stark reminder that every time there is an atrocity, many “regular” humans signed off on the work permit.

However, today I feel better. Indeed, I woke up feeling strangely optimistic. If Clinton had won perhaps the progressives would have settled and become lazy. Now we have something to unify many more of us.

I just signed up for the Article 20 Network, a new group dedicated to protecting peaceful assembly.

My previous missive about the relationship of Steinway to Trump stopped short of a call to action for pianists, mainly because we all thought Clinton had it in the bag.

Now that the worst has happened, I do call on a consortium of high-profile Steinway artists to join forces and repudiate that relationship. You can play your Rachmaninoff concertos on new Fazolis, Yamahas, and Bosendorfers — and of course older Steinways — just fine.

Courtney Parker West: On “Woke” White People Advertising their Shock that Racism just won a Presidency.